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So much nostalgia - that will be wasted on most

Ah, yes. Golden Axe. Rocket Knight. Altered Beast. Streets of Rage music. Etc. etc. etc. This game is a nostalgic dream come true for us Gen X-ers. However, much of it will be lost on many of those born after 1980, sadly.

Great game.

I have an overall rating of 4.00 and still didn't get movie of the day? Oh, this is why. I expected to hate this game, but I was almost immediately addicted and played completely through. I beat it in 69 days, since I spent the big bucks on her.

This game is really good. You deserve the movie of the day honors.

Conflicting emotions

If you had not put the anti-violence message on there, I would have been mad. While the destruction of the Towers was cruel and wrong, it would be just as cruel and wrong to retaliate by doing the same thing. Say it was them...that means that the bombing was in retaliation for the USA supporting Israel, which commits terrorist attacks on them almost daily. And they commit terrorist attacks back on them, and back and forth untill no one can remember where the cycle began.

Sorry for not really reviewing the game, but I'm venting sice I'm so sick of these little kids saying "kill all the Arabs," showing how stupid and immature they actually are.

But anyway - it wasn't too offensive, although I don't find much fun in killing anyone in general.


I shall now review a Tom Fulp movie.

A skilled flash programmer, and that is why there are such high ratings for the movie.

Yet, like Crazy Taxi, Crazy Shuttle/Richter gets a little...boring after a while.

The odd thing is that I was currently putting Richter in a movie that I'M working on, and I used the same SNES Drac X sprite, as well as the same song (Only the rock remix version).

I love the style, but it get's a bit boring after a while.


Basing your art style on anime/manga is the biggest mistake that you can make as a potential artist.

Try looking at Norman Rockwell or something as inspiration, and then INCORPORATE anime into your style.

Look up Travis Charest for a good example of this.

That was supposed to be Jessica Alba?

Why didn't it look anything like her? A game with very little interactivity (Im sure all flash programmers know how easy dress up games are) and a person who didn't even look like the person intended ranks this high? Stuff like this ranking comparably to that of a true flash artist like E-Bailey makes you know that you're in creative hell.

The Internet is ruled by a bunch of horny young teens with no taste. Truly a sad, sad place.

SomeOldGuy99 responds:

If you saw the image of Jessica Alba I took her face from, you'd think it looks pretty good. I've seen a lot of Jessica Alba pictures, and she tends to have a lot of different looks. This maybe one you're not used to seeing. Did you put the duck in her thingy?


First of all, the only way to win is just to constantly press attack, which is useless. Secondly, the graphics are terrible - I'm really HATING all these crappy stickmen movies, god! Thirdly, I pressed "heal," and it restored 50 HP...no wait, it only SAYS 50...

Work on your game system and find someone that can do art and animation to do that for you. Thank you, bye bye.


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