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At least you used less gradients.

I see you've finally calmed down on your gradients. Now if you could just work on your aesthetics. And anatomy. And the priciples of animation. It might result in "more movement," but motion tweening many of the things you did and normally do (ie. running, walking, breathing) is definitely -not- the answer. You want to make Flash NOT look like Flash, and to do that, you need to stray from tweening. It's fine for pans and small movements - bad for trying to recreate human motion.

Also, pull out an anatomy book and draw life. And work on color theory a bit. It's an improvement looks-wise over your ninja movie - but stuff still needs to be tightened up.

BenSpurgin responds:

You are not allowed to tell me how do do flash until your movies are more popular than mine. And be quiet about anatomy giant head drawing man

Nice effort - clean it up a bit.

And now a rare review from me.

I could see the effort put into the movie, and I commend you for trying to create something with a storyline and some actual work put into it.

A few things though. Stay away from the loud, grating rock-type music when scoring. While the typical newgrounds user may like it, it doesn't bode well for more experienced viewers, and the same goes for the excessive use of blood and gore.

The art needs a bit of work as well. Don't try to draw like anime; try to draw like real life, and then incorporate anime into the art style that you develop. Trying to actually emulate anime will kill your art, and is a mistake many young artists make at first.

The girl doing the voice acting was about as monotone as the girl I used for Maria in Arrogancy: Ep1. I can tell that she's reading; her voice inflections indicate that. You may want to work on your direction a bit more - cutting some scenes shorter and varying a bit more from the prevalent medium distance side-views.

Good effort though. I know things will get better as you go along. I can't stomach the first two episodes of my series right now as the art and animation in the third puts those to shame. That's how it works.

Keep up the good work.

ImageNation responds:

Thier was too much blood and gore.. actually we thought their wasn't enough..:) but eveyone has their limit we guess. Also we wheren't trying to make it look like anime this is our style which i guess resembles anime a bit... but if you watch out other cartoon you'll see it's our own. But any how You are right we do need to work on a few things as all good story tellers should. Problems happen when artest believe that what they make is perfect instead of always looking for ways to improve. That are way of thinking any how thank you very much for the review.

Like I said on my site

On my entertainment section on my site, I stated how Earthbound is the best RPG of all time.

Thus, you get a 10.

Get rid of the rock music, though. It's loud and grating, and doesn't really fit.

Fuzzy pickles!

Drug-SeX responds:

shut up your site sux


I don't care about his reviews, but your movies are mediocre at best. The only reason why you get high ratings is because you pander to the immature, useless demographic here. I mean, you're the person that made that idiotic camgirl movie.

Work on your direction and animation and RTFlash's reviews will make no difference in your overall score.

By the way, your clay stuff is alright - you should focus on that instead of the not-so-good stuff that you submitted lately.

PriKedELiK responds:

bha. your nick is perfect for u


You do realize that the majority of people who visit this site (loser kids) are too young to know what that song is, right? Anyway, it brought back nostalgia, so I gave you a 5.

Tekkoudan responds:

Im too young to know what this song is, im 13. I heard it somewhere and made it into.. this. Ive never watched the show before though.


I'm a sucker for stop-motion stuff. Do more!

Gaymation-Jesus responds:

We're workin on it..


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