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I was about to bash your movie when I saw that it was just a video import with MX, but then I watched it and saw that it was friggen hilarious. Good dubbing and good way to come up with humor that doesn't all have to be sex/potty humor. I give you a 5, even though that hurts me getting in the Top 5 today :) Now back to work on my game.

The most overrated thing on the Internet

Where's the animation?

Broken Saints is definitely the most overrated Flash series, period. There is no animation whatsoever - it's all (well done) transitions between still images. And being stills, the art is not nearly strong enough to justify the lack of animation - there are quite a few ANIMATED Flash movies with that level of art (ignoring the coloring styles).

What I must commend Broken Saints on, however, is the presentation and marketing. TYhe presentation makes you THINK that it's something special, and it has worked brilliantly as you can see with all of the media coverage that the series has gotten. Brilliant marketing, but no substance.

Finally, I have a problem watching the "episodes" - they move much, much too slow. I read rather fast, and it feels like it's timed for people with a second grade reading level. I'll read something and have to wait 1 - 2 minutes for the next panel to appear. The presentation makes everything ridiculously boring.

At least you used less gradients.

I see you've finally calmed down on your gradients. Now if you could just work on your aesthetics. And anatomy. And the priciples of animation. It might result in "more movement," but motion tweening many of the things you did and normally do (ie. running, walking, breathing) is definitely -not- the answer. You want to make Flash NOT look like Flash, and to do that, you need to stray from tweening. It's fine for pans and small movements - bad for trying to recreate human motion.

Also, pull out an anatomy book and draw life. And work on color theory a bit. It's an improvement looks-wise over your ninja movie - but stuff still needs to be tightened up.

BenSpurgin responds:

You are not allowed to tell me how do do flash until your movies are more popular than mine. And be quiet about anatomy giant head drawing man

Don't let the kids overhype your movie, needs work

You show a lot of promise, especially directorially. This animation has fantastic direction overall, and good choice of shots.

However, where it can use work is the actual artwork and animation. While your movie may be rated highly, that is also due to it being rated by a bunch of little kids that don't know the first thing about animation and art, and just like that your movie had lots of blood and naked women. Please don't let their overinflated viewpoints cause you to think that you don't have room for improvement.

Besides your facial anatomy, which needs to be worked upon a bit, you also need to button up your animation. Motion tweening limbs, especially for walking/running is a deadly "no no," it looks VERY unnatural, and you'd never, ever see a professional animator do that. The ultimate goal should be the perfect mixture of tweening and frame by frame - and you have a good start - just a lot to work on.

While your direction and shots are good, your timing is a bit off - try to clean that up as well.

To sum it up, you have potential. Button up your artwork, stop relying on the tweening for anything besides "sliding" and quick joint movements, and stop appealing to the lowest common denominator, and you could really becomes a great artist.

These are the youngins.

Remember, Zug, the people voting on this are the little kids who think that Xbox is the "kewlist" system because the "graphics are the tightest." It's good to see that you did something professional - it's too bad that most of the little kids that watch our stuff don't have an ounce of culture in them - they can't see past "flashy lights" and recognize style and timing. I hope I'm dead before they take over.


Right. A cgi chick shows boobs (and was this done in poser?). Not only that, but the boobs are shaped wrong - it looks like she has implants. If this scores over a 3, I'm never going to this site again.

Nice graphics and sound, not much substance.

This may appeal to the average Newgrounds fan because of the blood/violence/anti-pop message, but then again, that crappy Max Payne movie is #2, so what do they know? :)

The nice timing and animation doesn't make up for the lack of substance. The movie just amounts to some guy with an axe chopping up a Pikachu ripoff. That's it. Nothing else there.

This is the equivalent of those "death" stick movies that pop up 80 times a day on the portal, only with better skills behind it. You should devote your time to creating something with some substance - it could be great.

This has to be the laziest movie I ever saw...

The idea was okay until the lame car thing that mirrored my "Internet love" and earlier movies.

However, you have characters that are a slight notch above stick figures that DON'T ANIMATE AT ALL. Dude, how hard would it have been to at least frame-by-frame the guy's feet when he was walking? They're freakin stick figures with no color - it would take what, two seconds?

Right now, the movie stands at 3.90 which is hugely, hugely overrated. This movie took very little effort and is really just lazy. It would be a shame if this beat out much more worthy stuff. It just shows you how easily people are suckered into themes.

Nice effort - clean it up a bit.

And now a rare review from me.

I could see the effort put into the movie, and I commend you for trying to create something with a storyline and some actual work put into it.

A few things though. Stay away from the loud, grating rock-type music when scoring. While the typical newgrounds user may like it, it doesn't bode well for more experienced viewers, and the same goes for the excessive use of blood and gore.

The art needs a bit of work as well. Don't try to draw like anime; try to draw like real life, and then incorporate anime into the art style that you develop. Trying to actually emulate anime will kill your art, and is a mistake many young artists make at first.

The girl doing the voice acting was about as monotone as the girl I used for Maria in Arrogancy: Ep1. I can tell that she's reading; her voice inflections indicate that. You may want to work on your direction a bit more - cutting some scenes shorter and varying a bit more from the prevalent medium distance side-views.

Good effort though. I know things will get better as you go along. I can't stomach the first two episodes of my series right now as the art and animation in the third puts those to shame. That's how it works.

Keep up the good work.

ImageNation responds:

Thier was too much blood and gore.. actually we thought their wasn't enough..:) but eveyone has their limit we guess. Also we wheren't trying to make it look like anime this is our style which i guess resembles anime a bit... but if you watch out other cartoon you'll see it's our own. But any how You are right we do need to work on a few things as all good story tellers should. Problems happen when artest believe that what they make is perfect instead of always looking for ways to improve. That are way of thinking any how thank you very much for the review.

Hahah, what a cheater.

Hmmm...nice way to scan stuff and use shape tweens/zooms/and pans to make it look like it was like...animated or something.

The mediocre score in graphics is there because you just scanned stuff in and didn't actually draw/animate them in flash. I could easily do that and so can a lot of other flash animators. Sure, you're fooling the majority - but the majority don't have much sense anyway. And the art in itself wasn't anything outstanding, so you were rated mediocre - which is what you deserve.

However, you did have a great sense of style to go along with the scanned images, and that compensated for the lack of effort in the movie a bit. I give you a 7 and a 3.


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