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Geeks suck.

Geeks are too lame to actually beat "jocks." The jocks should win. And what's up with the amount? There are far more jock friendly people than geek friendly people.

Anywho, easy with the motion tweening. You should almost never motion tween a mouth, and frame by frame works a lot better in certain areas. I liked the Hans Zimmer music, though.

Decent effort, and it took a bit of work. Keep submitting!

THE best movie on Newgrounds.

This is quite simply THE best movie on this site.

If you look through my reviews, you'll see that I'm one picky bastard, and dislike such high ranking movies such as Mario vs. Sonic, Brutality, etc. etc. etc.

That is, of course, because I do flash myself and am a highly rated artist in general.

That said, this is the best movie I have EVER seen on this site that is so full of crap. Tom Fulp had better put this on the front page, as it's far better than anything he's pushed.

This should be #1 on this site - it's a shame that it won't be. I'm saying that knowing that I'm about to submit a movie that will probably be rated higher, but not deserve it in my own eyes.

You're better than me; I bow to you. I will contact you later about featuring this movie on a site a few friends and I are working on.


This was terrible.

Art that looks like it was done by a 14 year old otaku, not one ounce of frame-by-frame animation (all motion tweening), terrible backgrounds...in some scenes of which he was too lazy to actually draw any.

And a 3.49 overall rating. Bad taste here.


A whole lot of work put into this, but it was some of the worst art of all time. Perhaps you could animate something someone else drew or something.


I don't care about his reviews, but your movies are mediocre at best. The only reason why you get high ratings is because you pander to the immature, useless demographic here. I mean, you're the person that made that idiotic camgirl movie.

Work on your direction and animation and RTFlash's reviews will make no difference in your overall score.

By the way, your clay stuff is alright - you should focus on that instead of the not-so-good stuff that you submitted lately.

PriKedELiK responds:

bha. your nick is perfect for u

Let Me Guess...

Lemme guess...everyone likes Eskimo Bob because Tom Fulp says he likes it, right? Learn to think for yourselves. Mediocre series at best, and doesn't take much effort in general. It does have a little bit of style to it, though.

Why is this rated so high?

The song isn't that good, the images used aren't that funny...whay is this ranked so high? Some sort of Internet elitism thing? Is "FDA" supposed to be cool or something?

Anyway, it took a little bit of effort to sync the stuff, so I'm not dropping you too far.

Excellent choice in music

Glad to hear some classical instead of the electro/rock/techno jargon that is so prevalent here. I had to look and see what beat me for movie of the day (Although the guy below me deserves to be ahead of me as well), and after seeing all the effort put forth into this, I'm glad that it did. Kickass.

You know...

Why did you submit twice today? While I'm not a fan of Bender or The Matrix, I do appreciate the effort, style, and art. However, you really should have spead it out...the way it looks is that you're putting basically the same movie up TWICE, thus putting yourself up TWICE for top five movies of the day which gets the movies more viewership, etc. due to being on the front page.

The way it's going, it looks like both movies are going to get a high enough rating to attain that, which will suck because the #6 rated movie won't get nearly as much viewership as it would have had you not put BOTH of these up. I'd suggest killing one and uploading it later - it will save some backlash as well.


You do realize that the majority of people who visit this site (loser kids) are too young to know what that song is, right? Anyway, it brought back nostalgia, so I gave you a 5.

Tekkoudan responds:

Im too young to know what this song is, im 13. I heard it somewhere and made it into.. this. Ive never watched the show before though.


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