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I voted X.

Sorry, but as I stated before, every movie with Bin Laden or the WTC automatically gets an X from me. I decided to look at it, and it was better than most of the crap so I decided to give you a fair review since it was original. I'm still sick and tired of this crap being milked to death.


Theres a motion tweened head going in a circle (I can see where the animation begins/ends, btw.) with sokme loud, crappy, annoying music playing in the background. Better than stick figures though.

One of the best on this site.

Quite simply one of the best movies on this site. Movies like this are the reason I keep coming back here. A great sense of irony, buildup, and timing - and the art style matches the movie perfectly. Even that goofy loop fit.

No criticism from me, you get a 10.

I laugh at all the dummies who say that this has no "plot." They're the same ones who give Kong, the pointless violence fest, a 10/5.


The direction in this movie is very sound, and is the shining point of the whole thing. Unfortunately, the movie is nothing more than gunplay - and useless violence bores me immensely - so I didn't find much enjoyment in the movie. Yet, it's still well done overall.

Now for constructive criticism - your arms and hands. Work on them so that they move naturally. Once again, I will repeat, do NOT motion tween arms. That's the biggest problem with Brutality and others...the unnatural movement of the arms. And the anatomy of the hands and arms does not match the movement of the figure.

Other than that...good job...just pick a new subject next time.

From my Room and Corporate Puppet are still the best things on here.


Sprites were only better than polygons when polys couldn't provide the expression that sprites could. For instance, the Playstation, with it's ugly polygons, would have been a lot better off making more games with sprites such as the beautiful Castlevania.

The Dreamcast (and Mario 64) changed that to a certain extent, by allowing polygons detailed enough to provide the emotion of sprites. For instance, look at games such as Jet Set Radio or Bomberman Online.

That sprite argument died along with the 32 bit era.


He didn't make the sound or pictures for this, and yet, it's number 1 of all time. It's the same as the WTC tributes. Shows you the mentality of the voters here.


Hallo, Amanda. Where's the sound? I hate WTC tributes in general, but this one was...cute. I wish the All your WTC one had like...all your wtc written on different things with the song playing. That would have been better. Yeah.

Back to sleep now.

Like I said on my site

On my entertainment section on my site, I stated how Earthbound is the best RPG of all time.

Thus, you get a 10.

Get rid of the rock music, though. It's loud and grating, and doesn't really fit.

Fuzzy pickles!

Drug-SeX responds:

shut up your site sux


N3obo1, I looked at your last comment, and it expresses the biggest problem with America now that this horrible tragedy has happened.

Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that this country is "innocent" or morally superior to other countries. DO YOU GUYS WATCH THE NEWS? We bomb INNOCENT CIVILLIANS in Iraq constantly! We SUPPORT Israel, who technically took the Palestinians land and commit terrorist attacks ON THE PALESTINIANS constantly.

No terrorism is right, but this stupid "kill them all - we're good, they're evil" attitude is disgusting, and shows how 80% of this country are just idiots who've been brainwashed into thinking that this place can do no wrong. We've killed just as many innocents as were killed in the WTC bombing, if you people are too naive to figure it out on your own.

Appreciate the effort...

I appreciate the effort and the heart that you put into this, but like the guy said before me - the animation doesn't do much to express your sentiments.

Not to be on his jock, but I really think we need T-Bailey or one of the "noir" types to create a true tribute. It's not really something that I would do.

The thought is appreciated though...as long as you werent playing on sympathy for votes.


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